Shallow Depth Refrigerators Give Space With Style

When it comes to planning the kitchen it can be very difficult to make it look well-planned due to the fact that all the different kitchen appliances usually take up too much space. However, when it comes to fitting the refrigerator it can be an easy choice since there are many different types of shallow depth refrigerator on the market, which will fit underneath the kitchen worktop and enable your kitchen to look extremely modern.

The type you choose will have a great bearing on the way your kitchen looks. It needs to fit flush to the kitchen counter, but there are now counter depth models that have a large refrigerator storage capacity.

The usual counter depth height is about 37-inches, although it can be possible to buy a 65 inch refrigerator. The width will usually be between 35 inches and 40 inches, though some counter depth refrigerators do come in at about 45 inches to give a little bit of extra storage space. There will never be as much storage capacity is a tall refrigerator, especially the large standing refrigerators.

Many counter depth units will usually give you at least 26 cu ft of storage space. If you only have a very small family, perhaps just two people, then a 20 cu ft refrigerator is usually fine.

It could be an idea to look at the counter depth french door refrigerator, since the side-by-side doors will enable you to get a slightly larger capacity from the refrigerator itself, although many of these types also have a freezer unit. One of the more common choices is the Maytag french door unit, although those from GE and Amana are also popular choices for many people.

Large crisper drawers

Many have extras that can include fast freezing capabilities, large crisper drawers and compartments, wide door shelves, iced water dispensers, and very quick ice making trays. Another brand that can be worthwhile looking at is the Kitchen Aid counter depth model, especially the Architects Series, which has a 20 cu ft capacity, although there is a 21 cu ft capacity in the shape of the Kitchen Aid Series II.

For a side-by-side counter-depth refrigerator, there is a 21.0 cu ft model from LG Electronics. Costing around $1,900, this sports the SpacePlus ice system, a door-mounted ice maker. It also includes a digital LED display showing digital temperature level, a child lock, SmoothTouch digital controls, tall water dispenser with water filter and door alarm. The unit has tempered glass shelves, door baskets, slide-out freezer drawers and crisper.

Adjustable shelves

With slightly more storage space is the KitchenAid Architect II French door refrigerator which has 21.8 cu ft of storage. Retailing at around $2,700, this has spill-proof, adjustable shelves, 2 ClearVue FreshSeal crispers, and a dairy locker. For temperature modification there are digital controls, along with an internal water dispenser, PUR water filtration and pull-out, freezer drawer and automatic icemaker.

Many refrigerators have various french door models, and these have a great style which can go well with most modern kitchen interiors. These models can be like having a built-in refrigerator. GE refrigerators have many utilities including a fast freeze facility, automatic temperature control including a digital temperature.

Refrigerator voice recorder

Other things that can be worth consideration is a refrigerator voice recorder. Amana refrigerators supply a 26 cu ft model, which supplies a voice recorder and also a good chilled water dispenser and great ice making capabilities.

Many shallow depth refrigerators now supply many of the same capabilities. Look over more popular brands and then make a checklist to ensure that you're getting the utilities that you really need, which includes fast chilling capability, cool water dispenser, or automatic temperature control and digital thermometers. And don't forget that by shopping online you can also get some great price deals, which can make your purchase much cheaper than you would have imagined.